When it comes to living in a one bathroom home, you have to do everything you can to make the most of the space but also keep the feel relaxing and calm.  Something I have done in our bathroom for not just myself, but also our overnight guests, is a spa-like cabinet.

We have shelving and baskets for our towels, styling tools, make up, and extra necessaties in a bathroom closet.  But I needed something that said “Take a bath in our free standing tub, light a candle, drink a Pelli, and relax!”
So, that’s where my spa cabinet came into play.  Some necessaties for creating that spa-like bathroom are candles, sparkling water, magazines, body scrubs, different scented soaps for your own choice, and bubble bath. 

When we have guests over, I restock the cabinet with fresh towels, a candy bowl, quips, cotton balls, etc.  If you’re anything like me, you more than likely forget SOMETHING every time you stay the night somewhere else.  Seriously, for me I usually forget my shampoo and toothbrush! Haha!  So, keeping these things on hand for guest keeps your guests from stressing out over forgetting their toothbrush! … No one wants to make a trip to Walmart just for a toothbrush!