This bar and stools set has been the one piece of furniture that Trey and  I have had our entire relationship, it was a piece that he brought in from his college years in Austin, go figure…a bar top from a bachelor pad…but it was perfect for the two of us in our apartment 4 years ago and we have enjoyed quite a few romantic dinners at it.  We had added feet at some point to make it taller, which then made eating at it awkward because the distance from the table to the stools was weird… so at that point it became our island in our kitchen…. then it became my coffee bar, see here, then when we moved into the home we are in now and it became our kitchen island again.  It’s safe to say that we’ve gotten quite a lot out of this piece and although we plan on replacing the stools soon, I had an incredible design idea to turn this tiny bar top island into a more functional island with storage AND a bar top.  So, of course Trey is used to all of my “Oh! Babe! I have the best idea….let’s do “this” moments and he just went with it. Haha.  We are so glad he did because we LOVE how our island turned out!


We started by removing the top of the table and replacing it with our pallet wood.  Before you just start ripping pallets apart and nailing them to a table, make sure they are all the same length and in good shape.  We did our table top in a staggered pattern to give it some character.


After adding the top, we attached our shelving structures.  These are the four pieces on both the middle and bottom shelf that holds up the pallet wood.  You’ll need to get exact measurements, for perfection of course.



This wood piece was added to the over hang of the table top that is considered the “bar top”, to add more structure and keep the bad top from hanging down.



After we added in the pallets, there were still some gaps.  Which drove me crazy. So I went through and filled them all with white caulking.


Added and secured the wood on the bottom two shelves, added one last coat of white, stained the top, and we were finished.








I hope y’all love the island makeover as much as we do! I’m sure it will make a ton of appearances around here! Have a great weekend, friends!