How To Download and Use The Kristyn Cole Presets

Follow instructions for any preset purchased.

Step One

On your order confirmation click the purple button labeled with the preset you purchased.

Step Two

Select “Download” from the pop up.

Step Three

In the top right corner of your screen select the blue arrow pointing down.

Step Four

From the downloads popup, select on the Preset zip file.

Step Five

Select the Preset Zip file and it will extract the file.

Step Six

Click on the blue folder labeled with the preset you purchased.

Step Seven

Select all of the presets.

Step Eight

Save the five images to your camera roll. 
(They will look blank in your camera roll, they are supposed to!)

Step Nine

Go to the Lightroom app.

Step Ten

Click on the image+ icon in the bottom right corner.

Step Eleven

Select the “from camera roll” option.

Step Twelve

Select the blank RAW images (these images hold the presets) then click “ADD”.

Step Thirteen

Now the images will appear like this.¬† Select the first image labeled to create it’s preset.

Step Fourteen

Click the three dots in the upper right hand corner.

Step Fifteen

Click “Create preset”.

Step Sixteen

Name the preset. Then under Preset Group select “Create New Preset Group”.

Step Seventeen 

Name the group “KC Presets” and click the arrow in the top right corner.

Repeat steps 13-15 to each of the preset images and save the presets in the KC Preset folder.

How To Use The Kristyn Cole Presets

Step One

On the bottom bar of lightroom select the “presets” option.

Step Two

Making sure your in the “KC Presets” folder you created and select the preset you want to use.

Step Three

Click the arrow on the bottom right.

Step Four

Click the download icon at the top right and then save to camera roll.