Tips On Releasing Lady Bugs in Your Garden

Last week my sister in law, Rachel, of @raegardens, released over 1,000 lady bugs in her garden to help get rid of aphids.  Now, I have a small little pest problem but I got excited about her release because I knew my girls would love it and it would be a really fun experience for them.  So it was a win-win for us.  I got beautiful pest control and the girls got to be surrounded by lady bugs.  When my lady bugs arrived I facetimed my sister to get all the tips and tricks she used to help keep them around and I’ll share them all with you below!

Tip #1

When your ladybirds arrive put them in the fridge until the evening. They will go into a mini hibernation mode so don’t be alarmed when you see them all sleeping after a little bit.  Lady bugs don’t fly at night so releasing them after evening will help ensure they stay all night long and eat the bad bugs.

Tip #2

Water, water, water! When your lady bugs wake up they are going to be thirsty and will be looking for a drink.   If you water the garden right before you release them then they wont have to go far.

Tip #3

Rachel used bottle caps filled with honey but since I didn’t have any empty bottles I just used the smallest dishes I had in the kitchen.  Pour a little bit of honey in them and put them around the garden.  We had 4 designated honey spots.

Karsyn loved helping set up the garden before the release.  She put out the honey bowls while I was watering.

This little house is actually intended for bees, but I was using it as decoration in my greenroom after Lo painted it and Karsyn wanted to bring it out for the lady bugs to live.

I didn’t tell her that they probably wouldn’t actually live in it.  But the girls were so excited and I thought it was sweet, so this was just a fun things to add for the interest of the kids.


I was so excited to see that so many lady bugs were still in our yard even after the sun had come up.  Everyone had warned me that they would all just fly away but I think Rachel’s tips helped make them want to stay.


Lady Bugs


Ladybug: Lightroom Preset