Beach Must Haves

Beach trips as a couple were definitely easier and more care free.  When it comes to adding three kids in tow, we had to think more about what we needed to have to keep everyone happy. 

These are our top items we won’t leave behind when heading to the beach! 

Pop and Go playpen: This is the easiest, lightest, and most convenient playpen we have ever had and I wish I would have known about it 7 years ago when we had Karsyn. Would have saved us a lot of money and time!

Beach Umbrella: This umbrella is made for the sand. The tip of the stick goes straight down into the stand and is very secure.  I use it in my garden back at home too – so it’s not just a one place use for us!

Towels: Now these are more pricey than a towel you’ll grab at the grocery store but the Sand Cloud towels are innovative and I’m so glad we got them. We use them at home when swimming in the pool too. So again, another product we use more than just for the beach.

Jeep Wagon Stroller: Can’t express how much we love and use this! All of the features are incredible and it rides so smooth. I do wish we had gotten the sand wheels because anything that rolls on sand is so difficult. But it was worth it!