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How to Flock Your Christmas Tree

Learn how to flock your Christmas tree with Kristyn Cole. Steps with images and video included.

Tuesday Morning Gift Guide

Find a gift for everyone on your list this year at Tuesday Morning.

DIY Skeleton Mirror

DIY Skeleton MirrorSupplies Mirror Skeleton Gorilla Glue Foam Spray Spray Paint Duct Tape Mini Skulls and Snakes Steps Clean your mirror and cut the top half of the skeleton apart from its legs.  Using Duct Tape and gorilla glue secure the skeleton to the mirror. ...

DIY Salt Dough Halloween Garland

DIY Salt Dough GarlandSupplies Salt Flour Warm Water Clear Line Scissors Beaded Garland (mine is from Anthro but you can always make your own!) Steps Mix the Salt, Flour, and warm water in a bowl using a mixing spatula. Knead your dough until ingredients are mixed and...

DIY Melted Crayon Pumpkin

DIY Melted Crayon PumpkinSupplies Plastic pumpkin Crayola crayons Hair dryer Hot Glue Steps Clean your pumpkins and make sure they are dry. Take the wrappers off your crayons and hot glue them to the top. Make sure your area is protected, maybe do this outside. lol...

DIY Skull Snack Board

DIY Skull Snack BoardSupplies You don't need a skull board for this, you can trace a skull on parchment paper to create this look.  Snacks! Nuts, chocolate chips, donuts, pretzels, white chocolate, whatever you're into.  Steps If you don't have a skull charcuterie...

DIY No Carve Pumpkins

DIY No Carve PumpkinsSupplies Pumpkins (real or fake) Acrylic paint Paintbrushes Permanant Marker Steps Make sure your pumpkins are clean and dry. Paint away! I free handed my ghosts and thought they turned out super cute.  Just simple brushstrokes down will make them...

DIY Foam Ghosts

DIY Foam GhostsSupplies 1/2" Foam Board from Home Depot Paint of your choice Lace, Yarn, Jewels, Glitter, any other embellishments you want. Hot Glue Steps Trace and cut out your freehand ghosts on the foam board. I spray painted all of mine to have a primer before...

DIY Halloween Party Poppers

DIY Halloween Party PoppersSupplies Toilet Paper Rolls Embellishments (bats, spiders, ghosts, etc.) Paint Hot Glue Small candy Tissue Paper Ribbon Steps Paint your toilet paper rolls any color of your choice. Let dry.  Apply your embellishments of choice. (Ghosts,...

DIY Monster Treats

DIY Monster TreatsSupplies Rice Krispie Treats Molding Chocolate Candy Eyes Sprinkles Parchment Paper Steps Melt your molding chocolate in increments of 30 seconds in the microwave until melted and smooth. Don't over heat - it will get crumbly. Dip your bars into the...

DIY Magic Cauldron

DIY Magic CauldronSupplies Black Halloween Cauldron Modpodge Halloween Fabric and Paper Towel Black Spray Paint Paintbrush Mister (for the smoke) Steps Apply Modpodge with a paintbrush to the cauldron and press your Halloween fabric into it until it's secure.  Apply...

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Lucky Charms Treats

Lucky Charms Treats

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