DIY Patriotic Centerpiece

I have had all of these little bud vases for forever now.  Every time I go thrift shopping I seem to find myself purchasing one.  I knew I wanted to do some kind of display with all of them at some point but could never decide what to do.  When I was cleaning out the craft closet I came across this chalky finish white spray paint and decided to spray all of the vases with it.  This is such a simple and easy DIY, even my kids could do it!  And I love how much the American Flags pop with their red, white, and blue color against the white vases.

When I say this is so easy even my kids could do it, I mean it.  Lay down a drop cloth and space your bud vases out across it.  Then SPRAY! I love the way this chalky white spray paint adds some texture to the finished product.   If you want a more glossy finish you can go over them with a coat of satin poly.  But I love the subtle touch of matte texture.

There is no right or wrong way to display this centerpiece.  I just staggered the bud vases in a grouping with the taller ones towards the back.  This will be such a fun decoration even after July 4th.  You can put anything you want in these vases, even some flowers for summer would be gorgeous.