Mini Vegetable Garden Tour

Every time I share a video of my flower beds and all of the beautiful flowers I’m planting and watching grow, I get comments telling me I’m going to regret it all because we will have bees around.  But I think what most people don’t realize is how much we love the bees and all pollinators for that matter.  We need the bees and the bees love what we provide for them. 

Once you learn how to coexist with them, even the wasps, you will realize how beautiful of a relationship it is to be cordial with our pollinators.  Of course even now when a wasp gets a little too close to me I scurry in the other direction 😂 but I’m still working on that.  I puff up like a balloon when I get stung by one but it’s been years since I’ve been stung (maybe since I was a toddler even) and I’m outside with them every day. 

In the garden we have 9 different varieties of tomatoes, 6 different peppers, melon, cucumber, onion, potatoes, carrots, and corn.  This is my first year growing quite a few of these things and it’s been such a fun experience to see how well things do in certain parts of my garden. 

Do you garden? What’s your favorite thing to grow?