My Secrets to Shiny Hair


Eat right. Shine bright. 

What we eat and drink plays the most important part in the health and shine of our hair (and skin!).  Eggs, spinach, sweet potatoes, avocados, and nuts are some of the leading foods that promote hair growth and shine.  I do my best to eat one or more of these foods every single day.


Lose the heat.

Blow drying and using hot tools are the quickest ways to dull your hair.  Try washing your hair at night and towel drying it as much as possible. Then let your hair finish air drying while you sleep. 

When it comes to using your hot tools, grab a heart protectant and try only styling your hair with a tool once a week.  With the right technique you can get your curls to last 3-5 days!  I’ll share my favorite way to curl and make them last soon. So stay tuned for that!


Lather, rinse, don’t repeat.

I know the bottle says to repeat the wash, but the more you wash your hair… the more dull it will be.  Everyone’s scalp is different and produces oils in different amounts.  We have all heard about “training your hair” and seeing how long you can go without having to wash it. But this rings so true when it comes to losing your shine.  The more you wash, the more dull it gets.

Once a week I use this keratin spray after I shower.  You have to be careful not to use too much too often because it can make your hair appear greasy.  But the right amount (2-3 sprays) once a week will leave your hair shining.  I keep it away from my roots and spray the body of my hair then brush it down.