Tips For Press On Nails

Before We Start

Press on nails can last a day or two weeks and anywhere in between. When I want mine to last as long as possible this is what I do. Grab your nails, nail glue, and a nail buffer.

Step One

Start by selecting the right size nails for each finger and line them up in order from outside in.

Step Two

Buff out each nail until your nail has lost it’s natural shine. This is important for making your nails last longer!

Step Three

Starting with your pinky on both hands add a drop of glue to your nail and then your press on nail. Hold the nail in place from 8-10 seconds until the glue is dry.

Step Four

Do both pinky nails, then your ring fingers, and so on until you get to your thumbs. You want to do your thumbs last to make application of all your other fingers easier.

Step Five

Once you have all of your press on nails on, you’re done.  If you want to reshape your nails or make them smaller then you’ll do them now that you have them all on your nails.  The shorter they are the longer they will stay on.