Planting Dahlias

I was going to wait until the second week of May to plant more of my Dahlia tubers but I noticed that they were already sprouting on their own and letting me know they were ready now! 

Almost everything in my flower garden is an experiment this year and Dahlias are one of my favorite flowers, so I knew I wanted to grow some of my own.  I purchased 25 tubers to plant in all different locations of my yard, at different times, in pots and in the ground so I can figure out the best place for them to be.  So next year when I plan out my flower beds and garden I’ll know exactly where everything loves to be.  This entire growing season is a really fun learning process for me and I’m excited to be sharing all of my steps with all of you. 

17 tubers went in the ground in this video around the back side of my pool fence. The sun light is split in this area 1/3 of them get 3-4 hours on direct sun, 1/3 gets 5-6 hours, and the rest get about 7 1/2.  I think that the ones getting the most sun will struggle keeping their leaves up and happy but I bet the blooms will be stunning!  Cheers to the growing season, y’all!