Love Story Premium Lightroom Preset Bundle

Bonus Preset “The Prologue” Included

When you purchase the Love Story bundle you get Kristyn’s favorite preset, The Prologue, for free.

$150.00 $50.00

Chapter One

Flirty, saturated tones, boosted contrasts, and darkened exposures.


Chapter Two

Rich contrast, bright color, and boosted clarity. Red and Pink tones will pop while other colors will be muted.


Chapter Three

Warmth overlayed on saturated tones, medium grain, and a touch of clarity.


Chapter Four

Creamy highlights, a pop of warmth and a sun kissed glow.


Chapter Five

The final chapter of love brings a pink/magenta overcast, muted tones, bright highlights, and smoothness to your photos.


We’ve been working in the big #mosesbroses bedroom... I can’t wait to show y’all the before/after. 😍 We installed the lights today and they’re already piling in for reading time. 🥺 ...

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Ethan finished his first brig school project today!! All about his favorite sweet treat, cookie dough ice cream! #firstgrader #rockstar #proud #milestones ...

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Rainbows are promises that everything is going to be alright and this one couldn’t have shown up at a better time. We saw a post that kristinadedwards_ did with this pose and wanted to recreate it and the rainbow appearing right then was an adorable added bonus. ...

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It’s Monday. I plan on hiding in this coffee cup and listening to Christmas music for a bit. 🎄☕️ ...

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When I tell y’all that Devin and Johnathan are my literal favorites on TikTok ..... just know I’m not lying!!! If you’re not already following them and need some positive inspiration in your life... then you should run and follow them now. Also! This shirt along with a ton of other amazing merchandise was just dropped and can be found in _devinnscott bio!! Goooooo get ya some. ...

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Fall break vibes. #mosesbroses #daysofYES #brothers #kcolepresets ...

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The TikTok ghost are our literal favorite trend this year. They’re all seriously so adorable. Can you guess what our Halloween costumes are this year? ...

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*I GET TO* instead of *I HAVE TO* this week. I usually can’t commit to anything for more than a few days at a time. So saying that I’m all in for a week makes me nervous. But here we are. Go to my stories for today if you want to practice this mindset / attitude shift with me. Because I need some accountability. 🤣 Do it for me. 😘 Then tag me in your stories and posts so I can remember. 😅 #littleRyman #mosesbroses #kcolepresets #mindsetshift #makepromisestoyourself ...

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Nail’d it! ...

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I couldn’t put my finger on *one thing* that made this whole week hard, more like it was a sum of many unexpected, heavy, tiny things that make me incredibly grateful for a Friday. ...

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Vote like your neighbors’ lives depend on it. 🇺🇸✌🏼💙 #becausetheydo #loveGodlovepeople #vote #family #mosesbroses #kcolepresets ...

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Laundry done ✅, house cleaned ✅, and ready for a great week!🍂 ...

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This time of year is hands down Mikkahs favorite time of year. Dressing up in general is her spooky souls favorite. Fun fact, I went into labor with her on Halloween night and insisted she wasn’t being born yet.... she was born the next day. We’re pretty sure now she was meant to be a halloween baby. 👻 🎃 ...

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Are random selfies a thing anymore? ...

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Anyone else extremely obsessed with Gilmore Girls? Like all 3 of my kiddos are named after different characters 🙈 (Logan, Luke & Layne)
Tell me who your favorite character is in the comments 👇🏻👇🏻
Mine is Luke 🧢

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This little ham bone is the best 🥰 ...

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I take way more pictures than I ever actually share on here. Probably because I’ve carried a weight from some harsh criticism I got for my early on photos here on IG. The photos when I was a shut-in housewife, brand new mama, totally unsure of anything in my fresh reality. But. Maybe I could post more of them. After all. It’s been almost nine years since that remark. Funny how things just kinda.. stick with you. #fromthehammock #thinkingoutloud #unfluencer #kcolepresets ...

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Autumn nights.
Fire light.
S’mores all right.
#mosesbroses #kcolepresets #loveautumn #tennessee #smores #bonfire

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Last night we did a family stream on and put together our kaleidoscope Kiwi Crate. We even did our first raid (over to their uncle’s channel lol thanks for the shout out samueltuckeryoung). Grateful for all the sweet “viewers” as Cannon called them for stopping by to hang out with us in the Clubhouse. ✌🏼😎 #twitch #twichstreamer #mosesbroses #kcolepresets ...

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Pink has always been my power color. #pinkrangerwannabe #pinkpowerranger #pinkbacklight #miccheck1212 #kcolepresets #churchcommunications #churchcomm #bethelserves ...

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He thinks he can get away with climbing onto the table if he offers me kisses. And he’s not wrong. 😅 #littleRyman #mosesbroses #littlebrother #hesthebaby #kcolepresets ...

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